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Function: BAG Administrator

All addresses and buildings in the Netherlands are kept in a uniform manner in the Basic Registration of Addresses and Buildings (BAG: ‘Basisregistratie Adressen en Gebouwen’). It is regulated by law that the municipalities and water boards keep this data up to date with the ‘Landelijke Voorziening’ of ‘het Kadaster’ so that everyone can use it. The BAG employee is the spider in the web in this interplay. The management of the BAG requires knowledge of a BAG application and of object delineation. In addition, insight into the operation of the BAG processes and the quality requirements that apply is also very important. This is described in the ‘Objectenhandboek BAG’.


The employee starts as a junior BAG employee. In this position he or she is active in the administrative and geometric data processing of the BAG applications. As a student, you can progress to senior BAG manager. at Geo-ICT Training Center, the Netherlands, BAG employees can always work with at least one of the following BAG applications: Neuron BAG, Key2BAG , GT-BAG , CVision en GouwBAG.

Gegevens in de BAG

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    The BAG employee has a college diploma in preparation and follows a number of courses from Geo-ICT Training Center, the Netherlands. He successfully follows the following courses:

    Geo-ICT Training Center, the Netherlands secondes the BAG employee to various organizations. Examples of such organizations are; source holders, municipalities (approximately 400) and water boards (approximately 22).