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Courses CAD

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. With CAD you can draw 2D and 3D. It is used everywhere in the geo sector. Measurements in the field in particular are often processed with CAD. We teach MicroStation, AutoCAD, BricsCAD, Revit courses on a monthly basis.

Course NameCategoryDaysPriceSign in
AutoCAD and InfraCadCAD1€395,-Sign in
AutoCAD Infraworks BasisCAD1€495,-Sign in
3D PrintingCAD1€595,-Sign in
MicroStation AnimationsCAD1€595,-Sign in
MicroStation NLCSCAD1€595,-Sign in
MicroStation UpdateCAD1€595,-Sign in
Projectwise UseCAD1€595,-Sign in
Revit Architecture for contractorsCAD1€595,-Sign in
SketchUp BasicCAD1€495,-Sign in
SketchUp AdvancedCAD1€495,-Sign in
AutoCAD 2D AdvancedCAD2€895,-Sign in
AutoCAD 2D Quick StartCAD2€595,-Sign in
AutoCAD 2D UpdateCAD2€695,-Sign in
AutoCAD Civil 3D AdvancedCAD2€895,-Sign in
AutoCAD Civil 3D SurveyCAD2€700,-Sign in
AutoCAD for MicroStation usersCAD2€750,-Sign in
BricsCAD AdvancedCAD2€795,-Sign in
BricsCAD Quick StartCAD2€595,-Sign in
BricsCAD for AutoCAD specialistsCAD2€750,-Sign in
BricsCAD for MicroStation specialistsCAD2€750,-Sign in
AutoCAD 3D-ModelsCAD2€750,-Sign in
MicroStation 2D AdvancedCAD2€795,-Sign in
MicroStation 2D Quick StartCAD2€595,-Sign in
MicroStation 3D ModelingCAD2€895,-Sign in
MicroStation ManagementCAD2€850,-Sign in
MicroStation RenderingCAD2€895,-Sign in
MicroStation for AutoCAD usersCAD2€750,-Sign in
Revit Architecture ConceptualCAD2€795,-Sign in
Revit Architecture DesignCAD2€795,-Sign in
Revit Architecture FamilyCAD2€795,-Sign in
Revit Architecture ContinuationCAD2€695,-Sign in
ArchiCAD for Revit SpecialistsCAD3€995,-Sign in
AutoCAD Civil 3D BasisCAD3€1095,-Sign in
AutoCAD MAP 3D BasisCAD3€995,-Sign in
BricsCAD BasicsCAD3€895,-Sign in
MathCAD BasicsCAD3€1295,-Sign in
MicroStation 2D BasicsCAD3€1095,-Sign in
PowerCivil BasicCAD3€1050,-Sign in
Revit and DynamoCAD3€1395,-Sign in
Revit for ArchiCAD usersCAD3€895,-Sign in
Rhino BasicsCAD3€1395,-Sign in
ArchiCAD BasicsCAD4€1295,-Sign in
AutoCAD 2D Basixs (AutoDesk Certified)CAD4€995,-Sign in
Revit Architecture BasisCAD4€1095,-Sign in
Revit Architecture AdvancedCAD4€1195,-Sign in
Revit MEP BasicCAD4€1095,-Sign in

Courses CAD

  • Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands is a training institute for geo-information.