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Courses Data-Analysis

More than 70% of all data has a geographic component. GIS packages have data analysis capabilities and various other data analysis packages have GIS functionality. Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands provides monthly data analysis courses such as Python, R Programming, Stata, Matlab and SPSS.

Course NameCategoryDaysPriceSign in
Power BI DesktopData-Analysis1€449,-Sign in
STATA SpatialData-Analysis1€695,-Sign in
Tableau BasicsData-Analysis1€670,-Sign in
NVivoData-Analysis1€595,-Sign in
Apache CassandraData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Apache KafkaData-Analysis2€ 995,-Sign in
RabbitMQData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Elastic searchData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Google Big Data Query GISData-Analysis2€1095,-Sign in
MQL4 ProgrammingData-Analysis2€1095,-Sign in
Pyspark with apacheData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Python-Anaconda DashboardsData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Python-Anaconda IntroductionData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
R GGPlotData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
R SpatialData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine LearningData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
SAS Visual StatisticsData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Azure Cloud computing-platform basisData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
Copernicus ProgramData-Analysis3€1595,-Sign in
Atlas.tiData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
RedisData-Analysis3€1.395,-Sign in
Google Bigdata QueryData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
Matlab BasicsData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
Python-Anaconda DatascienceData-Analysis3€1495,-Sign in
R ProgrammingData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
SAS Visual AnalyticsData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
SPSS BasicData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
STATA BasicData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
Data-analysis and GISData-Analysis8€2995,-Sign in

Courses Data-Analysis

  • Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands is a training institute for geo-information.