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Courses GIS

A geographic information system is an information system with which data or information about geographic objects, so-called geo-information, can be stored, managed, processed, analyzed, integrated and presented. We teach ArcGIS, QGIS, Mapinfo courses on a monthly basis.

Course NameCategoryDaysPriceSign in
ArcGIS Desktop ModelBuilderGIS1€595,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro for ArcMAP usersGIS1€595,-Sign in
ArcGIS StorymapsGIS1€695,-Sign in
FME AdvancedGIS1€495,-Sign in
Google MapsGIS1€595,-Sign in
QGIS FieldGIS1€495,-Sign in
QGIS 3D visualizationGIS1€695,-Sign in
QGIS Configuration and ManagementGIS1€495,-Sign in
QGIS AdvancedGIS1€995,-Sign in
QGIS IntroGIS1€595,-Sign in
QGIS ModelsGIS1€495,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop City EngineGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop Data-InteroperGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop DataReviewerGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop AdvancedGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop KernGISGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop Network AnalystGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro 3D BasicsGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro AdvancedGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Workflow ManagementGIS2€895,-Sign in
Bentley Map BasisGIS2€995,-Sign in
Bentley Map ManagementGIS2€995,-Sign in
FME PythonGIS2€995,-Sign in
FME ArcGISGIS2€895,-Sign in
FME BasicsGIS2€895,-Sign in
FME Smallworld GISGIS2€895,-Sign in
GeoMedia AdvancedGIS2€800,-Sign in
Google Earth EngineGIS2€1095,-Sign in
Product Owner GISGIS2€750,-Sign in
QGIS and GTOrbitGIS2€1095,-Sign in
QGIS LandscapesGIS2€895,-Sign in
Qlik Sense GeoAnalyticsGIS2€1095,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro Quick StartGIS2€750,-Sign in
SuperMap 3D BasicGIS2€1095,-Sign in
INSPIRE introductionGIS2€995,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop Data ManagementGIS3€1095,-Sign in
ArcGIS and PythonGIS3€1395,-Sign in
ArcGIS OnlineGIS3€1195,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro 2D BasicsGIS3€1095,-Sign in
CST – Data ModelsGIS3€1395,-Sign in
CST- FoundationGIS3€1395,-Sign in
CST – Using SmallworldGIS3€1395,-Sign in
GeoMedia BasicsGIS3€1200,-Sign in
MapInfo BasicsGIS3€1095,-Sign in
QGIS BasicsGIS3€1095,-Sign in
QGIS and PythonGIS3€1395,-Sign in
Qlik SenseGIS3€1395,-Sign in
SuperMap 2D BasicGIS3€1395,-Sign in
TatukGIS BasicGIS3€1095,-Sign in
TatukGIS AdvancedGIS3€1050,-Sign in
CST – Application DevelopmentGIS4€1895,-Sign in
GIS courseGIS6€1995,-Sign in

Courses GIS

  • Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands is a training institute for geo-information.