Platform for starters in the geo sector

200 courses, 20 online supports, 60 moocs,

10 work to work trajectories,

30 trainees

Geo-ICT Courses, monthly in Apeldoorn where online following is possible. We can also provide all courses at your location.

Course NameCategoryDaysPriceSign in
AutoCAD and InfraCadCAD1€595,-Sign in
AutoCAD Infraworks BasisCAD1€595,-Sign in
3D PrintingCAD1€595,-Sign in
MicroStation AnimationsCAD1€595,-Sign in
MicroStation NLCSCAD1€595,-Sign in
MicroStation UpdateCAD1€595,-Sign in
Projectwise UseCAD1€595,-Sign in
Revit Architecture for contractorsCAD1€595,-Sign in
SketchUp BasicCAD1€595,-Sign in
SketchUp AdvancedCAD1€595,-Sign in
Power BI DesktopData-Analysis1€595,-Sign in
STATA SpatialData-Analysis1€695,-Sign in
Tableau BasicsData-Analysis1€670,-Sign in
NVivoData-Analysis1€595,-Sign in
MongoDB SpatialDatabases1€595,-Sign in
BGT for SurveyorsGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Total Station BasicGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
CAD for DimensioningGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
GPS BasicsGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
GPS AdvancedGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Introduction to LaserscanningGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Landsurveying And Geo-InformationGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Hydrography (CAT B certificate)Geodesy20€9000,-Sign in
MOUS MCNextGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
MOUS MCStartGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Theodolite BasicGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Total Station AdvancedGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Collecting geo-data with land2mapGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
3D Geo-InformationGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Collecting geo-data with Leica CaptivateGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Collecting geo-data with Leica iCONstructGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Collecting geo-data with Magnet FieldGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
Surveying spirit levelsGeodesy1€975,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop ModelBuilderGIS1€595,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro for ArcMAP usersGIS1€595,-Sign in
ArcGIS StorymapsGIS1€695,-Sign in
FME AdvancedGIS1€595,-Sign in
Google MapsGIS1€595,-Sign in
QGIS FieldGIS1€595,-Sign in
QGIS 3D visualizationGIS1€695,-Sign in
QGIS Configuration and ManagementGIS1€595,-Sign in
QGIS AdvancedGIS1€995,-Sign in
QGIS IntroGIS1€595,-Sign in
QGIS ModelsGIS1€595,-Sign in
PostgreSQL and PythonProgramming1€695,-Sign in
Cocon TheWebWebGIS1€695,-Sign in
GeoWebCacheWebGIS1€595,-Sign in
OpenLayersWebGIS1€595,-Sign in
GeoAppsWebGIS1€695,-Sign in
GeoServerWebGIS1€595,-Sign in
StreetSmartWebGIS1€695,-Sign in
AutoCAD 2D AdvancedCAD2€895,-Sign in
AutoCAD 2D Quick StartCAD2€595,-Sign in
AutoCAD 2D UpdateCAD2€695,-Sign in
AutoCAD Civil 3D AdvancedCAD2€895,-Sign in
AutoCAD Civil 3D SurveyCAD2€700,-Sign in
AutoCAD for MicroStation usersCAD2€750,-Sign in
BricsCAD AdvancedCAD2€795,-Sign in
BricsCAD Quick StartCAD2€595,-Sign in
BricsCAD for AutoCAD specialistsCAD2€750,-Sign in
BricsCAD for MicroStation specialistsCAD2€750,-Sign in
AutoCAD 3D-ModelsCAD2€750,-Sign in
MicroStation 2D AdvancedCAD2€795,-Sign in
MicroStation 2D Quick StartCAD2€595,-Sign in
MicroStation 3D ModelingCAD2€895,-Sign in
MicroStation ManagementCAD2€850,-Sign in
MicroStation RenderingCAD2€895,-Sign in
MicroStation for AutoCAD usersCAD2€750,-Sign in
Revit Architecture ConceptualCAD2€795,-Sign in
Revit Architecture DesignCAD2€795,-Sign in
Revit Architecture FamilyCAD2€795,-Sign in
Revit Architecture ToolsCAD2€795,-Sign in
Revit Architecture ContinuationCAD2€695,-Sign in
Apache CassandraData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Apache KafkaData-Analysis2€ 995,-Sign in
RabbitMQData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Elastic searchData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Google Big Data Query GISData-Analysis2€1095,-Sign in
MQL4 ProgrammingData-Analysis2€1095,-Sign in
Pyspark with apacheData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Python-Anaconda DashboardsData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Python-Anaconda IntroductionData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
R GGPlotData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
R SpatialData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine LearningData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
SAS Visual StatisticsData-Analysis2€995,-Sign in
Enterprise Geodatabase in OracleDatabases2€1095,-Sign in
Geodatabase IntroDatabases2€990,-Sign in
MongoDBDatabases2€895,-Sign in
SQL BasicDatabases2€895,-Sign in
Indesign BasicsDesktop Publishing2€695,-Sign in
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform CreodiasEarth Observation2€995,-Sign in
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform MundiEarth Observation2€995,-Sign in
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform OndaEarth Observation2€995,-Sign in
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform SoblooEarth Observation2€995,-Sign in
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform WekeoEarth Observation2€995,-Sign in
Introduction to HydrographyGeodesy2€900,-Sign in
Cadastral boundary reconstructionGeodesy2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop City EngineGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop Data-InteroperGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop DataReviewerGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop AdvancedGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop KernGISGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop Network AnalystGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro 3D BasicsGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro AdvancedGIS2€895,-Sign in
ArcGIS Workflow ManagementGIS2€895,-Sign in
Bentley Map BasicGIS2€995,-Sign in
Bentley Map ManagementGIS2€995,-Sign in
FME PythonGIS2€995,-Sign in
FME ArcGISGIS2€895,-Sign in
FME BasicsGIS2€895,-Sign in
FME Smallworld GISGIS2€895,-Sign in
GeoMedia AdvancedGIS2€800,-Sign in
Google Earth EngineGIS2€1095,-Sign in
Product Owner GISGIS2€750,-Sign in
QGIS and GTOrbitGIS2€1095,-Sign in
QGIS LandscapesGIS2€895,-Sign in
QGIS Natural monumentsGIS2€895,-Sign in
Qlik Sense GeoAnalyticsGIS2€1095,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro Quick StartGIS2€750,-Sign in
SuperMap 3D BasicGIS2€1095,-Sign in
INSPIRE introductionGIS2€995,-Sign in
GDALProgramming2€995,-Sign in
Google Maps and PythonProgramming2€995,-Sign in
Learn to program with PythonProgramming2€895,-Sign in
Python and ArduinoProgramming2€995,-Sign in
Python and BitmexProgramming2€1095,-Sign in
Python and BlockchainsProgramming2€995,-Sign in
Python and DynamoProgramming2€995,-Sign in
Python GeospatialProgramming2€995,-Sign in
Python TKinter GUI programmingProgramming2€1095,-Sign in
Scrum Master GISProgramming2€1100,-Sign in
TMAP GISProgramming2€1195,-Sign in
Web AngularWebGIS2€995,-Sign in
Intro Building Information Model (BIM)Construction3€825,-Sign in
ArchiCAD for Revit SpecialistsCAD3€995,-Sign in
AutoCAD 2D BasicsCAD3€795,-Sign in
AutoCAD Civil 3D BasicCAD3€1095,-Sign in
AutoCAD MAP 3D BasisCAD3€995,-Sign in
BricsCAD BasicsCAD3€895,-Sign in
MathCAD BasicsCAD3€1295,-Sign in
MicroStation 2D BasicsCAD3€1095,-Sign in
MicroStation VBA ProgrammingCAD3€1050,-Sign in
PowerCivil BasicCAD3€1050,-Sign in
Revit and DynamoCAD3€1395,-Sign in
Revit for ArchiCAD usersCAD3€895,-Sign in
Rhino BasicsCAD3€1395,-Sign in
Azure Cloud computing-platform basisData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
Copernicus ProgramData-Analysis3€1595,-Sign in
Atlas.tiData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
RedisData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
Google Bigdata QueryData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
Matlab BasicsData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
Python-Anaconda DatascienceData-Analysis3€1495,-Sign in
R ProgrammingData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
SAS Visual AnalyticsData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
SPSS BasicData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
STATA BasicData-Analysis3€1395,-Sign in
Geodatabase UsageDatabases3€1485,-Sign in
MariaDBDatabases3€1095,-Sign in
Oracle SQL FundamentalsDatabases3€1499,-Sign in
PostGIS and PostgreSQLDatabases3€1095,-Sign in
Drone Survey FundamentalsEarth Observation3€1950,-Sign in
LisCAD BasicsGeodesy3€1395,-Sign in
MOVE3DGeodesy3€1395,-Sign in
Practical LaserscanningGeodesy3€1395,-Sign in
Remote SensingEarth Observation3€1395,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop BasicsGIS3€1095,-Sign in
ArcGIS Desktop Data ManagementGIS3€1095,-Sign in
ArcGIS and PythonGIS3€1395,-Sign in
ArcGIS OnlineGIS3€1195,-Sign in
ArcGIS Pro 2D BasicsGIS3€1095,-Sign in
CST – Data ModelsGIS3€1395,-Sign in
CST- FoundationGIS3€1395,-Sign in
CST – Using SmallworldGIS3€1395,-Sign in
GeoMedia BasicsGIS3€1200,-Sign in
MapInfo BasicsGIS3€1095,-Sign in
QGIS BasicsGIS3€1095,-Sign in
QGIS and PythonGIS3€1395,-Sign in
Qlik SenseGIS3€1395,-Sign in
SuperMap 2D BasicGIS3€1395,-Sign in
TatukGIS BasicGIS3€1095,-Sign in
TatukGIS AdvancedGIS3€1050,-Sign in
COBOL BasicsProgramming3€1395,-Sign in
C++ ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-Sign in
C# ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-Sign in
Delphi ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-Sign in
Docker and KubernetesProgramming3€1395,-Sign in
Drones with PythonProgramming3€1295,-Sign in
GO ProgrammingProgramming3€1495,-Sign in
iBeacons AndroidProgramming3€1295,-Sign in
iBeacons iOSProgramming3€1295,-Sign in
Java ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-Sign in
Julia ProgrammingProgramming3€1495,-Sign in
PL/SQL ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-Sign in
Python BasicsProgramming3€1395,-Sign in
Rust ProgrammingProgramming3€1495,-Sign in
TatukGIS and DelphiProgramming3€1395,-Sign in
Web DjangoWebGIS3€1750,-Sign in
WebGISWebGIS3€1395,-Sign in
ArchiCAD BasicsCAD4€1295,-Sign in
AutoCAD 2D Basixs (AutoDesk Certified)CAD4€995,-Sign in
Revit Architecture BasisCAD4€1095,-Sign in
Revit Architecture AdvancedCAD4€1195,-Sign in
Revit MEP BasicCAD4€1095,-Sign in
Oracle Spatial BasisDatabases4€1795,-Sign in
Geo-ICT for TeachersDesktop Publishing4€1695,-Sign in
GIS for Geography teachersDesktop Publishing4€1695,-Sign in
3D ScanoperatorGeodesy4€1695,-Sign in
Dimensioning SurveyingGeodesy4€1695,-Sign in
Land SurveyingGeodesy4€1695,-Sign in
Course cadastreGeodesy4€1695,-Sign in
Geo-ICTGeodesy4€1995,-Sign in
CST – Application DevelopmentGIS4€1895,-Sign in
Basic Registration Adresses and Buildings (BAG)National Basic Registrations4€1695,-Sign in
Basic Registration Large-scale Topography (BGT)National Basic Registrations4€1695,-Sign in
Building Information Model (BIM)National Basic Registrations4€1695,-Sign in
Python and DatascienceProgramming4€1999,-Sign in
Python AdvancedProgramming4€1950,-Sign in
Python for beginning programmersProgramming4€1750,-Sign in
SmallWorld and MagikProgramming4€1595,-Sign in
Civil CourseCivilProgramming6€1995,-Sign in
Construction courseConstruction6€1995,-Sign in
GIS courseGIS6€1995,-Sign in
Data-analysis and GISData-Analysis8€2995,-Sign in

Geo-ICT Courses​

  • Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands is a training institute for geo-information.
  • Geo-information is needed for the energy transition, for adapting to climate change and for building new homes and infrastructure works.
  • The geo sector is big business. We will need thousands of new people in the coming years.
  • In our course catalog you will find more than 200 Geo-ICT courses, 60 massive open online courses (MOOCs), 20 online supports.
  • We provide these courses through contact education in one of our locations Apeldoorn, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and / or online.
  • We can also provide these courses at your location. Our teacher will bring along equipped laptops. You only need to arrange a room.
  • In addition, we train various trainees each year who we give a good start in the geo sector.