Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands

200 courses, 20 online supports,

60 moocs, 30 trainees

Geo-ICT Courses, monthly at our locations, at your location or online

Course NameCategoryDaysPrice
ArchiCAD BasicsCAD4€1295,-
ArchiCAD for Revit SpecialistsCAD3€995,-
AutoCAD 2D Basixs (AutoDesk Certified)CAD4€995,-
AutoCAD 2D BasicsCAD3€795,-
AutoCAD 2D AdvancedCAD2€895,-
AutoCAD 2D Quick StartCAD2€595,-
AutoCAD 2D UpdateCAD2€695,-
AutoCAD Civil 3D BasisCAD3€1095,-
AutoCAD Civil 3D AdvancedCAD2€895,-
AutoCAD Civil 3D SurveyCAD2€700,-
AutoCAD and InfraCadCAD1€395,-
AutoCAD Infraworks BasisCAD1€495,-
AutoCAD MAP 3D BasisCAD3€995,-
AutoCAD for MicroStation usersCAD2€750,-
BricsCAD BasicsCAD3€895,-
BricsCAD AdvancedCAD2€795,-
BricsCAD Quick StartCAD2€595,-
BricsCAD for AutoCAD specialistsCAD2€750,-
BricsCAD for MicroStation specialistsCAD2€750,-
3D PrintingCAD1€595,-
AutoCAD 3D-ModelsCAD2€750,-
MathCAD BasicsCAD3€1295,-
MicroStation 2D BasicsCAD3€1095,-
MicroStation 2D AdvancedCAD2€795,-
MicroStation 2D Quick StartCAD2€595,-
MicroStation 3D ModelingCAD2€895,-
MicroStation AnimationsCAD1€595,-
MicroStation ManagementCAD2€850,-
MicroStation NLCSCAD1€595,-
MicroStation RenderingCAD2€895,-
MicroStation UpdateCAD1€495,-
MicroStation VBA ProgrammingCAD3€1050,-
MicroStation for AutoCAD usersCAD2€750,-
PowerCivil BasicCAD3€1050,-
Projectwise UseCAD1€595,-
Revit Architecture BasisCAD4€1095,-
Revit Architecture ConceptualCAD2€795,-
Revit Architecture DesignCAD2€795,-
Revit Architecture FamilyCAD2€795,-
Revit Architecture AdvancedCAD4€1195,-
Revit Architecture ToolsCAD2€795,-
Revit Architecture ContinuationCAD2€695,-
Revit Architecture for contractorsCAD1€595,-
Revit and DynamoCAD3€1395,-
Revit MEP BasicCAD4€1095,-
Revit for ArchiCAD usersCAD3€895,-
SketchUp BasicCAD1€495,-
SketchUp AdvancedCAD1€495,-
Apache CassandraData-Analysis2€995,-
Apache KafkaData-Analysis2€ 995,-
Azure Cloud computing-platform basisData-Analysis3€1395,-
Copernicus ProgramData-Analysis3€1595,-
Data-analysis and GISData-Analysis8€2995,-
Elastic searchData-Analysis2€995,-
Google Big Data Query GISData-Analysis2€1095,-
Google Bigdata QueryData-Analysis3€1395,-
Matlab BasicsData-Analysis3€1395,-
MQL4 ProgrammingData-Analysis2€1095,-
Power BI DesktopData-Analysis1€449,-
Pyspark with apacheData-Analysis2€995,-
Python-Anaconda DashboardsData-Analysis2€995,-
Python-Anaconda DatascienceData-Analysis3€1495,-
Python-Anaconda IntroductionData-Analysis2€995,-
R GGPlotData-Analysis2€995,-
R ProgrammingData-Analysis3€1395,-
R SpatialData-Analysis2€995,-
SAS Visual AnalyticsData-Analysis3€1395,-
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine LearningData-Analysis2€995,-
SAS Visual StatisticsData-Analysis2€995,-
SPSS BasicData-Analysis3€1395,-
STATA SpatialData-Analysis1€695,-
STATA BasicData-Analysis3€1395,-
Enterprise Geodatabase in OracleDatabases2€1095,-
Geodatabase UsageDatabases3€1485,-
Geodatabase IntroDatabases2€990,-
MongoDB SpatialDatabases1€595,-
Oracle Spatial BasisDatabases4€1795,-
Oracle SQL FundamentalsDatabases3€1499,-
PostGIS and PostgreSQLDatabases3€1095,-
SQL BasicDatabases2€895,-
Indesign BasicsDesktop Publishing2€695,-
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform CreodiasEarth Observation2€995,-
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform MundiEarth Observation2€995,-
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform OndaEarth Observation2€995,-
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform SoblooEarth Observation2€995,-
Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform WekeoEarth Observation2€995,-
Geo-ICT for TeachersEducation4€1495,-
GIS for Geography teachersEducation4€1495,-
BGT for SurveyorsGeodesy2€995,-
CAD for DimensioningGeodesy1€595,-
3D ScanoperatorGeodesy4€1495,-
Dimensioning SurveyingGeodesy4€1495,-
Land SurveyingGeodesy4€1495,-
GPS BasicsGeodesy1€595,-
GPS AdvancedGeodesy1€595,-
Introduction to HydrographyGeodesy2€900,-
INSPIRE introductionGeodesy2€995,-
Intro Building Information Model (BIM)Geodesy3€825,-
Introduction to LaserscanningGeodesy1€495,-
Landsurveying And Geo-InformationGeodesy1€595,-
Hydrography (CAT B certificate)Geodesy1€18000,-
LisCAD BasicsGeodesy3€1395,-
MOUS MCNextGeodesy1€595,-
MOUS MCStartGeodesy1€595,-
Practical LaserscanningGeodesy3€1395,-
Remote SensingGeodesy3€1395,-
Theodoliet BasicGeodesy1€595,-
Total Station BasicGeodesy2€995,-
Total Station AdvancedGeodesy1€595,-
3D Geo-InformationGeodesy1€595,-
ArcGIS Desktop BasicsGIS3€1095,-
ArcGIS Desktop City EngineGIS2€895,-
ArcGIS Desktop Data-InteroperGIS2€895,-
ArcGIS Desktop Data ManagementGIS3€1095,-
ArcGIS Desktop DataReviewerGIS2€895,-
ArcGIS Desktop AdvancedGIS2€895,-
ArcGIS Desktop KernGISGIS2€895,-
ArcGIS Desktop ModelBuilderGIS1€495,-
ArcGIS Desktop Network AnalystGIS2€895,-
ArcGIS and PythonGIS3€1395,-
ArcGIS OnlineGIS3€1195,-
ArcGIS Pro 2D BasicsGIS3€1095,-
ArcGIS Pro 3D BasicsGIS2€895,-
ArcGIS Pro AdvancedGIS2€895,-
ArcGIS Pro for ArcMAP usersGIS1€595,-
ArcGIS StorymapsGIS1€695,-
ArcGIS Workflow ManagementGIS2€895,-
Bentley Map BasisGIS2€995,-
Bentley Map ManagementGIS2€995,-
CST – Application DevelopmentGIS4€1895,-
CST – Data ModelsGIS3€1395,-
CST- FoundationGIS3€1395,-
CST – Using SmallworldGIS3€1395,-
FME PythonGIS2€995,-
FME ArcGISGIS2€895,-
FME BasicsGIS2€895,-
FME AdvancedGIS1€495,-
FME Smallworld GISGIS2€895,-
GeoMedia BasicsGIS3€1200,-
GeoMedia AdvancedGIS2€800,-
Google Earth EngineGIS2€1095,-
Google MapsGIS1€595,-
MapInfo BasicsGIS3€1095,-
Product Owner GISGIS2€750,-
QGIS FieldGIS1€495,-
QGIS 3D visualizationGIS1€695,-
QGIS BasicsGIS3€1095,-
QGIS Configuration and MaintenanceGIS1€495,-
QGIS and GTOrbitGIS2€1095,-
QGIS and PythonGIS3€1395,-
QGIS AdvancedGIS1€995,-
QGIS IntroGIS1€495,-
QGIS LandscapesGIS2€895,-
QGIS ModelsGIS1€495,-
QGIS NatuurmonumentenGIS2€895,-
Qlik Sense GeoAnalyticsGIS2€1095,-
Qlik SenseGIS3€1395,-
ArcGIS Pro Quick StartGIS2€750,-
SuperMap 2D BasicGIS3€1395,-
SuperMap 3D BasicGIS2€1095,-
TatukGIS BasicGIS3€1095,-
TatukGIS AdvancedGIS3€1050,-
Basic Registration Adresses and Buildings (BAG)National Basic Registrations4€1495,-
Basic Registration Large-scale Topography (BGT)National Basic Registrations4€1495,-
Bouw Informatie Model (BIM)National Basic Registrations4€1495,-
COBOL BasicsProgramming3€1395,-
C++ ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-
C# ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-
Delphi ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-
Docker and KubernetesProgramming3€1.395,-
Drones with PythonProgramming3€1295,-
GO ProgrammingProgramming3€1495,-
Google Maps and PythonProgramming2€995,-
iBeacons AndroidProgramming3€1295,-
iBeacons iOSProgramming3€1295,-
Java ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-
Julia ProgrammingProgramming3€1495,-
Learn to program with PythonProgramming2€895,-
PL/SQL ProgrammingProgramming3€1395,-
PostgreSQL and PythonProgramming1€695,-
Python BasicsProgramming3€1395,-
Python and ArduinoProgramming2€995,-
Python and BitmexProgramming2€1095,-
Python and BlockchainsProgramming2€995,-
Python and DatascienceProgramming4€1999,-
Python and DynamoProgramming2€995,-
Python GeospatialProgramming2€995,-
Python AdvancedProgramming4€1950,-
Python TKinter GUI programmingProgramming2€1095,-
Python for beginning programmersProgramming4€1750,-
Rust ProgrammingProgramming3€1495,-
Scrum Master GISProgramming2€1100,-
SmallWorld and MagikProgramming4€1595,-
TatukGIS and DelphiProgramming3€1395,-
TMAP GISProgramming2€1195,-
Cocon TheWebWebGIS1€695,-
Web AngularWebGIS2€995,-
Web DjangoWebGIS3€1750,-
Drone Survey FundamentalsAardobservatie3€1950,-

Contact Lessons

All 200 Geo-ICT courses are given in contact lessons and / or online. Course times are from 9 AM to 4 PM. The open registration courses are given at one of our locations in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Rotterdam. We can also teach the courses at your location. If necessary, the teacher will provide equipped laptops. You just need to arrange a room.

Online Lessons

If desired, the students can also follow the course online.

What do you need to do beforehand? What do you need?

  • A laptop or PC on which you can perform simple installations yourself.
    Your laptop’s microphone and webcam work. You might have to update the drivers.
  • The laptop has internet access.
  • The teacher will contact you one day before the first day of class, to check if everything is working.
  • You will receive the teacher’s mobile phone number, so you can always ask questions via whatsapp.

What does a course day look like?

  • The teacher will email you a link at 8:45 AM.
    Click on that link at 9 AM to enter our online lesson environment.
  • It will immediately become clear that you are in the correct environment. The teacher welcomes you.
  • You can see and hear the teacher and the teacher can see and hear you.
    The teacher can share his screen with you.
  • You can share your screen with the teacher.
  • The teacher gives presentations and explains.
  • If necessary, the teacher will also explain how to install certain software.
  • You do exercises and you can ask the teacher questions.
  • The course day ends at 4 PM.
  • That is what every day of class will look like.
  • Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands is a training institute for geo-information.
  • Geo-ICT Training Center, Nederland, Geo-ICT CoursesIn this course catalog you will find more than 200 Geo-ICT Courses on CAD, Data Analysis, Databases, Geo-Basic registrations, Geodesy, GIS, Hydrography, System development and GIS.
  • We provide these courses through contact education at one of our locations in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam.
  • We can also teach the courses at your location. Our teachers take equipped laptops with them. You just need to arrange a classroom.
  • A large number of courses can also be given online.
  • Besides the courses, we provide more than 20 Online Supports and more than 67 MOOCS.