Platform for starters in the geo sector

200 courses, 20 online supports, 60 moocs,

10 work to work trajectories,

30 trainees

About us

About us and who are we? Geo-ICT Training Center, the Netherlands, platform for Geo-ICT professionals, is a training institute for geo-information. We work with professionals in other countries and we transfer our knowledge through courses, moocs and online support. In addition, we continuously hire Geo-ICT trainees who participate in our courses. The geosector will have hundreds of new professionals in the coming years.

Member of:

Geo-ICT Trainees bij Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands is member of Geobusiness NederlandAs a member of GeoBusiness Nederland, we are part of a great network of companies active in the field of geo-information and technology. This network ensures that knowledge and experiences are exchanged. This offers us and our clients many business opportunities, cooperation in the field of innovation, a strong voice in the field of advocacy and access to Dutch and international companies, governments, organizations, policy makers and politicians.