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MOOC: Analysing Earth observation data using open source tools

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Master the Art of Analysing Satellite Earth Observation Data Using R, QGIS and Others. The pre-processing and processing of various satellite images are discussed. We are going to work with ESA SNAP software and GRASS GIS.

You will learn

  • How to use ESA SNAP software and GRASS GIS
  • Different classification schemes for remote sensing data
  • Download and preprocess satellite data
  • Understand and apply dimensionality reduction
  • Process ALOS PALSAR data

The Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP), developed by Luca Congedo, is a free open source plug-in for QGIS that enables the semi-automatic classification (also known as supervised classification) of remote sensing images. It offers various tools for free image download, pre-processing, post-processing and raster calculation.

SCP's overall goal is to provide a suite of intertwined raster processing tools to create an automatic workflow and facilitate land cover classification, which could also be performed by people whose main field is not remote sensing is. The first version of the SCP was written in 2012 by Luca Congedo for the ACC Dar project to create an instrument for the classification of land cover in an affordable and automatic way. The following versions of SCP have been developed as a personal commitment to the remote sensing field and open source software. SCP version 5 (codename: Kourou) was developed as part of Luca Congedo's doctorate in landscape and environment at the Sapienza University of Rome.

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Analysing Earth Observation Data Using Open Source Tools