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Course: ArcGIS and Python

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The course ArcGIS and Python programming takes 3 days and costs € 1395. Basic knowledge of Python is an advantage. In this course you will learn the basics of the Python language. With this you will develop applications on ArcGIS. It is possible to apply Python in various places in ArcGIS, for example for creating your own extensions, creating and modifying tools or selecting via python expressions. Python can also be used when running batch files.


First, we will look at the positioning relative to comparable products. Next, we will look at the main features and applications of ArcGIS in collaboration with Python. Then we dive deeper into python and all the different programming concepts needed to program with python in ArcGIS. We will use different data types such as lists, tuples and dictionaries. Within python, indentation not only provides structure in the code. But it actually influences the way of execution.

Basic principles of programming are also discussed. Think of control-flow statements and loops. We will also pay attention to Object Oriented programming. This is a specific way of programming. It is widely used in ArcGIS.

Learning objectives of this course:

  • You have seen the many possibilities that ArcGIS offers
  • You are able to work with Python and create your own tools and applications in ArcGIS.

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