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Course: ArcGIS Desktop Advanced



The ArcGIS Desktop Advanced course lasts 2 days and costs € 895.

As foreknowledge, ArcGIS Desktop Basic is required. During the ArcGIS Advanced training you will learn to deal with the functions that are more complex. In this course you will learn to present thematically on the basis of data from different data sources. For example, based on views in Oracle or tables in Access or SQLserver. You will also learn more about grid formats. As an exercise, you will extract a map image from Google Maps and fit it into your ArcGIS environment.

  • Complex functions in arcgis
  • Adding raster layers link with Access or Oracle
  • Text and labels in arcgis
  • Thematic presentations based on external data sources
  • Import and convert data
  • Define table relationships
  • Georeferencing and coordinate
  • Transformations working with quantitative data (classification methods, summary statistics, frequency)
  • Geoprocessing tools and settings
  • Complex analyzes advanced labeling and annotations, layer masking;
  • Advanced map formatting
  • Working with styles create card series
  • Export to pdf dealing with temporary data
  • Creating animations (in arcmap)
  • Complex geographical analyzes and advanced cartographic representations.

Learning objectives during this course:

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    Group discount

     If you register several students for this course, a discount of 25% on the 2nd student, 50% on the 3rd student and 75% on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th student.