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Course: ArcGIS Desktop Data Management

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The ArcGIS Desktop Data Management course lasts 3 days and costs € 1095. We focus on data management, symbology and performing analysis. Control of standard functionalities is important. As foreknowledge, ArcGIS Desktop Basic is required. Examples include: importing data, coordinate system transformations, more complex geographic analysis and advanced cartography. In addition, more recent functionalities are discussed, such as: creating animations, exporting maps to PDF format and making map series. The first day of the ArcGIS Desktop Data Management course focuses mainly on data management, the second day focuses on visualization and the third day on analysis. The following topics are discussed:

Data: import and conversion
Table relations
Georeferencing and coordinate transformations
Quantitative data
Complex analyzes
Labeling and annotations, layer masking
Advanced map formatting.
Cards series
Export in PDF
Temporary data

Learning objectives of this course:

Managing geo data
Conducting complex geographical analyzes
Create and export maps (series)

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