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Course: ArcGIS Pro 3D Basics

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The ArcGIS Pro 3D Basic course lasts 2 days and costs € 895. In this course you will learn to deal with the extensive 3D functionality that ArcGIS Pro offers. You are already familiar with ArcGIS Pro 2D.


In the ArcGIS Pro 3D Basic course you will become familiar with the ArcGIS Pro 3D environment and you will learn the techniques to build and expand 3D scenes. Importing 3D data and editing 3D features is discussed in detail. Then you will get to know a number of functions to visualize 3D. The following topics are discussed:

  • Explore 3D data: Search, import, display and edit 3D data
  • Adding raster data: Raster data consists of a large number of pixels, each with its own value. Although it looks different from data, add it to the folder in the same way.
  • Converting a map to a scene: ArcGIS Pro converts a map to a global scene where the whole world is represented as a spherical globe
  • Adding an elevation surface: You are going to add multiple high resolution raster layers as an elevation surface.
  • Extrude features to 3D symbology: Extrusion is the process of vertically stretching a flat 2D shape. With that you create a 3D object in a scene.

Learning objectives during this course:

  • Import 3D data
    Become familiar with 3D functions
  • Convert folder to scene

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