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Course: ArcGIS Pro for ArcMAP users

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The ArcGIS Pro course for ArcMap users lasts 1 day and costs € 595. The course is suitable for people who already know ArcMap well, but who now have a lot to do with the new ArGIS Pro.


You will learn the ArcGIS Pro terms and how ArcGIS Pro handles 2D data. Also you will learn to enter, mutate, manage and visualize and analyze geodata. The teacher explains in detail what ArcGIS Pro offers in terms of advantages and extra functionality. The following topics are covered in the course:

  • ArcGIS Pro project setup
  • Map layers
  • Local data
  • Online data, layouts
    Complex edit functions
  • Grid data analysis
  • Vector data analysis
  • Importing an Arcmap mxd and other data into ArcGIS Pro

Learning objectives during this course:

  • Entering, mutating, managing, visualizing and analyzing geodata
  • Working with different types of data
  • Being able to translate between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro

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