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MOOC: Key Register of Addresses and Buildings (BAG) Basics – Part 2


This second part of our E-learning gives a BAG employee with some BAG knowledge the opportunity to deepen the BAG knowledge at their own pace, via an online teaching method. The subjects are presented in various forms: in text blocks, images, videos and practice questions. The course is modular.

The following modules are covered:

  • The legislation

  • Types of source documents

  • Requirements for source documents

  • Objection and appeal

  • Legislation
  • What do you have to mandate?
  • Types of mandate

  • Lean process improvement theory
  • Lean vs PDCA
  • BAG work processes (tips for improvement)
  • Dashboard

  • Relationship and coherence with the BAG

  • What is BGT?
  • Relationship and coherence with the BAG

The participant can complete the course at their own pace. The repetitions and the exercises allow the participant to master the basic material better than in an oral presentation.

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