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MOOC: BAG Basic Test

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To check whether your basic knowledge of the BAG is good, you can take this online test . This test measures, with the help of approximately two hundred questions, the state of affairs with regard to your basic knowledge of the BAG.

The test is not only suitable for BAG employees. Employees of the BGT, GEO dating, as well as project and quality employees benefit from this test. Also we must not forget the BAG managers and customers. Everyone can take advantage of it to master the basic BAC knowledge but also to keep remembering the information.

This test also gives municipalities the opportunity to test or verify the knowledge of applicants or hired workers. A certificate and list of marks provide good insight into the qualities of the applicant concerned.

The BAG basic test has the following different components.

  • General BAG knowledge
  • Determining the BAC relevance of a mutation
  • Demarcation of buildings
  • Delimiting residential objects
  • Demarcation of pitches
  • The Events
  • The quality requirements

After completing a module, the participant will receive an overview of results on which the scores can be found. This gives you a quick insight into which parts are being controlled and which parts still require attention.

When achieving a result higher than 7.5, the participant receives a certificate and it can be demonstrated that the knowledge is well mastered.

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