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MOOC: Beginners Guide to Model Builder for Big Data Processing

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As GIS professional every day we come across GIS problems in which we have to process large dataset. Redundant tasks are so common in GIS. Especially if the study is related to Environmental or Meteorological Sciences. For example if user want to process MODIS daily data of last 20 years. Similarly if the user want to extract Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) or Precipitation data from HDF/Netcdf files and user needs to process thousands of files. These problems are mostly solved by using python, R language etc. But what if the user does not know programming? So ArcGIS Model builder is a good approach to process large GIS datasets in minutes without prior knowledge of programming. User is just going to drag and drop ArcGIS tools in a Graphic User Interface (GUI) and python scripts will automatically be developing in backend. In this course user will be working with ArcGIS Model Builder. User will be doing different exercises related to MODIS, AIRS, LANDSAT, Ground and Vector data. User will start with basics of model builder and go through different raster extraction techniques from HDF/Netcdf format files. User will learn different iteration techniques to process big data. In the end of course user will be a pro of ArcGis Model builder and big data processing will be a no problem. User will be working efficiently and data processing will be in a smooth workflow. This all with not a single line of code.

What will you learn?

  • Do GIS Programming tasks without programming
  • Understanding Model Builder Structure and Working
  • Process any type of satellite, ground and vector data. Daily, Monthly or Yearly. No matter how big
  • Develop Complex Models (Models with in a Model)
  • Get insights of different GIS tools and there integrated working
  • Design your own Workflow, Reduce work redundancy, Work efficiently and fast
Beginners Guide to Model Builder for Big Data Processing