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Course: Bentley Map Management

  • Description
  • Planning and Registration

The Bentley Map Management course lasts 2 days and costs € 995.

Group discount: If you register several students for this course, a discount of 25% on the 2nd student, 50% on the 3rd student and 75% on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th student.

Bentley Map is a Geographic Information System (GIS), aimed at organizations involved in planning, designing, building, and managing the infrastructure. Bentley Map is an application that works on the standard drawing package MicroStation, with extensive functionalities for creating, managing and analyzing geographical data.


This course focuses on the design and management of the work environment for Bentley Map using the separate application from Bentley called: GeoSpatial Administrator (GSA). Geospatial Administrator defines geographic objects (feature definitions) in advance, including associated placement, change, and annotation commands. These feature definitions are stored in a geographical project (XFM scheme). Along with other features, such as project-specific interface components and coordinate systems, references to graphic resources, and topologies. Based on this data, Bentley Geospatial Administrator then automatically generates MicroStation workspaces, plus the necessary Bentley Map files.

Learning objectives during this course:

  • Manage data in Bentley Map
  • Use GeoSpatial Administrator
  • Being able to create a workspace from GSA including files