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Book: AutoCAD 2021

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Geo-ICT Training Center, Nederland, Zelfstudie AutoCAD 2021In this book, AutoCAD 2021 is discussed very extensively. The explanation is clear and there are many exercises. If you want to learn AutoCAD you could download a trial and then get started with this book and start your self-study program.

If you already know a lot about AutoCAD but you are having problems? Then a Online Support AutoCAD is highly recommended. If you still want to learn AutoCAD under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you can choose from the following courses:

AutoCAD is widely used in the geo sector to create geographic maps and to build and maintain basic geo registers. It is also used in the adjacent fields of Construction and Civil engineering. We are familiar with almost all geo-professionals with AutoCAD or with another CAD package such as MicroStation. In the Netherlands, drawing is usually done according to the Dutch CAD Standard (NLCS). The NLCS contains agreements for dealing with metadata, digital drawing, the appearance of the drawing and - especially - the file structure of 2D drawings. There are agreements for the names of objects to be drawn, layer layout, line styles, the use of hatching, symbols, etc.