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Book: Automate the boring stuff with Python

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Geo-ICT Training Center, Nederland, Python - Automate the boring Stuff The book Automate the boring stuff covers the basic principles of the Python programming language. The explanation combined with various exercises are easy to follow. Even if you are new to programming. It is possible to develop Python code in different development environments.

Automate the boring stuff can be used in conjunction with one of the following courses :

Python is a programming language developed in the late 90's. Python can be used in any programming domain, for example scripting. Because Python can be used for multiple purposes, it is one of the most used programming languages. The program can also be used within various GIS packages such as QGIS and ArcGIS to automate daily GIS tasks. If you want to learn Python within GIS, we offer a number of courses, such as the course QGIS and Python and the course ArcGIS and Python . With the help of one of these courses you will learn to use Python within your own GIS environment.

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