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Book: Learn QGIS

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This book describes the GIS software package QGIS . First of all, the book starts with the basics of QGIS. The book then delves deeper into the extensive possibilities of the software package.

With the help of this book, a number of our moocs can be followed. The moocs where this book can be used are; Learn the basics of QGIS and Learn the basics of the QGIS-platform .

In addition, it is possible to follow a course with us, under the eye of an experienced teacher. The following courses are related to geographic information systems; QGIS basis and QGIS Intro .

QGIS is an open source geographic information system which is free and editable for everyone. With this software package it is possible to view and edit geographic data. In addition, the program offers the possibilities to georeference, organize and combine and link your data. You can also use the program to format and edit different maps.

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