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BricsCAD Quick Start

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The BricsCAD Quick Start course lasts 2 days and costs € 595. In the basic BricsCAD training, the student gets to know the BricsCAD package. The student will gain insight into the structure of the package and will learn how to construct a drawing as efficiently as possible. During the training, the emphasis is on the practical side of drawing with BricsCAD.


The BricsCAD Quick Start course starts with an introduction to the program. In particular, a lot of attention is paid to the interface and settings. Then we work with drawings, tools and drawing layers. Circles, rectangles, eclipses, polygons and donuts will be discussed afterwards. These objects can then be selected, edited and / or removed. Other matters that will be discussed:

  • Texts and tables in a drawing.
  • The use of layers of object snaps and grips.
  • Insert hatching,
  • Making blocks,
  • Multiple Document Environment,
  • Dimensioning objects,
  • Printing (Paperspace and Modelspace),
  • Tools and drawing layers;
  • Set display
  • Properties of objects;
  • Poly lines;
  • Grips, Text, Blocks;
  • Measuring and sizing, Paper space and printing.

Learning objectives during this course:

  • Be able to install BricsCAD
  • Working with different functions within BricsCAD
  • Different objects can draw
  • Be able to perform simple and advanced operations
  • Add sizes

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