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MOOC: Cartographic Design in QGIS

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Making attractive maps is always a challenge, and a bit of art. You need to serve the information in such way that it is easily understood and not tiresome. Too much information and you've lost the reader. Too little information and you cannot communicate your point.

This course presents design principles you can apply to create appealing and effective maps that are easy to use and understand. You will learn how to combine layout composition, color, symbology, and text to design a map that clearly communicates your intended message. Learn the basics of design with data and maps and explore map design principles by learning about the use of Map elements, colors and Typography as well as by learning and applying the General Guidelines on Map making. When you finish this course, you will have learned the basics of Cartography on Map Design and have developed a set of skills that you can use in any map visualization.

What will you learn?

  • Map elements & Design Principles
  • Map aesthetics and Typography
  • Gain the basic knowledge of Cartographic Design
  • Learn the main Design Principles on Map-making
  • Hands-on session: Produce maps using open-source software
  • Practice on Map making and Create efficient Maps
Cartographic Design in QGIS