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Course: Basic Registration Adresses and Buildings ( BAG )

  • Description
  • Planning and Registration

This BAG course (Basic Registration of Addresses and Data) takes 4 days and costs € 1695.-


The student receives a general overview of the basic registrations with a geographical component and how these registrations are linked. The student will receive a demo and an extensive introduction to the BAG registration. What is involved in setting up and updating the BAG and which management organization should be set up for it. BAG Geometry is about collecting and - from various sources - bringing together geometric data, which can serve as input for setting up the BAG registration. In this course you will learn to make a BAG Property Card with AutoCAD or with another package of your choice.

Learning objectives of this course

  • Participants knows what BAG is
  • Participants understand the usefulness of the BAG
  • Participants can function as a junior BAG Manager at a municipality

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