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Course: C# Programming

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This course C# programming basics takes 3 days and costs € 1395. C # is an object-oriented programming language derived from the programming language C. The C ++ language also has a lot in common with the language.


During this training you will use Visual Studio. Visual Studio is the development environment for C #. During the first 2 days of the course, the concepts of data abstraction with the C # and inheritance are discussed extensively. The third day of the training is devoted to operator overloading and the facilities of the object-oriented I / O library. On the last course day, templates and exception handling will be discussed. In addition, STL (Standard Template Library), the most important part of the C # library, is discussed.

The class is also discussed and the related inline functions instead of macros, function overloading, constructors and destructors, initialization, deep versus shallow copy and namespaces. It is examined when use is made of inheritance. Both base and derived classes are created. It also discusses how variables can be declared. This way you have the private, protected and public member variables. C # has many more options, namely: references, type conversion, memory management with new and delete, templates, exception handling and namespaces. Other parts of the standard library, including the I / O library. Overriding Polymorhism, Abstract classes, interfaces and exception handling, Packages and import statements, Filesystem I / O, Threading.

Learning Objectives

  • The student has knowledge of the C # syntax.
  • You can apply the discussed C # specific concepts in practice.
  • The student is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the programming language C # and everything that comes with it.

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