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Course: MicroStation 2D Advanced

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The Course MicroStation 2D advanced course lasts 2 days and costs € 795.

Group discount: If you register several students for this course, a discount of 25% on the 2nd student, 50% on the 3rd student and 75% on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th student.

This advanced course regularly draws on commands from the basic MicroStation course. Good basic knowledge is therefore desirable for participation in the advanced training.


The Microstation 2D Advanced course focuses on the deeper techniques and the extensive commands of Microstation, including in: techniques to speed up the work process, partly to automate the drawing and printing work and to edit external drawings. We will make templates to have the correct settings in your drawing in advance, such as plot settings. Then we will create different dimstyles and textstyles to adjust element styling more efficiently. We extract all elements or a selection of elements from an external reference. We will also show, convert, filter and set levels. After which we will create grouped and enamed views. We will also draw more complex figures and draw planes. Finally we give a short introduction to macros, this is programming with VBA in Microstation.

Learning objectives during this course:

  • Working with templates, dimstyles and textstyles
  • Working with plot settings
  • Working with various functions of MicroStation

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