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Course: Dimensioning Surveying

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The course Surveying Dimensioning course lasts 4 days and costs € 1695, - and is organized 5 times a year. The 4 days of lessons are given in a lead time of 4 weeks. The course takes place with a minimum of 2 candidates and we work with groups of a maximum of 8 candidates. Course times are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Surveying employers urgently need surveyors. With this course you lay a good theoretical basis. At the (future) employers you will be further trained in taking measurements in the field.

Learning objectives of this course dimensions:

  • You will gain knowledge and insight into what is going on in the geo sector
  • You learn to think and calculate in the RD system
  • You learn to deal with MC start and MC next
  • You learn to deal with dimensions in and through AutoCAD
  • You will learn various tips and tricks from an experienced surveyor.

Day 1: Measurement intro course

Measurements, plotting, surveying or the collection of Geo-Information in the field is done by various organizations in the Netherlands, for example: municipalities, provinces, water boards, railways, Rijkswaterstaat, ministries, research institutes. The following types of measurements are made

Spirit levels. Determining the height of a point relative to NAP by means of a continuous leveling.
Laser. Locate heights locally or set a slope
Total Stations. Measuring a piece of land with a Total Station and plotting a new object to be made. This will first have to be done above a known point. The points will be coded so that a drawing can be made later.

In this day, the student receives a short introduction to the Dimensions. You will also get to know the system of Geo-Basic registrations. A large part of all surveys are done to build up and keep track of this basic registration.

Day 2: NAP and height measurements

In practice, the height measurements are almost always done with a leveling instrument or laser. These are therefore the instruments that the operation will be discussed and with which practical exercises will be done. Attention is paid to 2D and 3D, sections, views, dimensions and scaling. These topics are reflected in practical exercises.

Day 3: MC start / MC next

Surveyors often work with tools such as MC Start or MC Next. The surveyors learn to work with MC start and MC next to extract points from digital drawing and put them in their instrument. The following topics are covered: Points management, import and export to and from Total stations, export from MC start / MCnext to CAD, place points in CAD and transfer to MC start / MC next, change points, dimension control and comparison of drawings.

Day 4: AutoCAD

In the Surveying Dimension AutoCAD is often used to read in, visualize and check a measurement. During this day course you will learn the principles of AutoCAD.

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