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MOOC: Earth Observation and GIS to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Do you know that United Nations Sustainable Development goals are supported by the geospatial industry? UN SDGs provide guidances of goals, targets and indicators that helps us grow economically and socially in a sustainable manner. Earth Observation and GIS technologies have a huge impact on both monitoring the implementation of the targets and calculating specific indicators. By enrolling to this 100+ minutes course, you will start getting familiar with all the targets and indicator that have relevance to Earth Observation and GIS.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established by the United Nations in 2015 as the new global sustainable development agenda for 2030. They are promoted as the global sustainable development goals. The SDGs will be in force from 2016 to 2030 and will replace the Millennium Development Goals that expired at the end of 2015. There are 17 goals and 169 underlying targets to operationalize these goals. The member states must themselves provide for translation into national policy.

Learning objectives during this course: