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Course: Enterprise Geodatabase in Oracle

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The Enterprise Geodatabase course in Oracle takes 2 days and costs € 1095. As foreknowledge basic knowledge of (Arc) GIS and Oracle is required.

ESRI, the makers of the widely used GIS program ArcGIS, offers various options for storing geographic data in databases. These geo databases are available in three forms: for single users there are File and Personal geo databases. In addition, ESRI offers the Enterprise Geodatabase for multi-user and organization wide use. To install an Enterprise Geodatabase, a relational database management system is required. Since Oracle's RDBMS is often used, it will be used within this course.


This Enterprise Geodatabase course examines the basic aspects of the multi-user geodatabase. The purpose of this training is to be able to create, set up and manage an ESRI Enterprise geodatabase.

  • On the first day, the properties of the three different geo databases (personal, file & Enterprise) will be explained. In addition to these properties, the user limitations and possibilities of the databases are also briefly mentioned. After this introduction in a Windows environment the ArcSDE technology was installed and configured. This is done using Orcale's relational database management system. Then, using the ArcCatalog, a connection is made for the first time to the created database. Finally, the first day ends with setting user roles and permissions.
  • On the second and last day of the course, the version management of data will be set within the created database. It also indicates how data can be efficiently uploaded and updated. In addition, this day will be devoted to different workflows and which best practices can be applied.

Learning objectives course:

  • Know differences between the different geo databases
  • Install and configure ArcSDE technology
  • Creating a multi-user geo database
  • User management and security in the Enterprise geo database
  • Connecting to the multi-user geo database
  • Data and version management within the database
  • Apply best practices

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