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MOOC: ERDAS Imagine Fast Track Online Training Course


This ERDAS Imaging online training course covers lots of remote sensing and satellite image processing operations. It includes 20 short video tutorials with a total time of 90 minutes covering lots of topics. The tutorials start with a beginners level, then moving gradually to more advanced levels. The 20 video tutorials are accurately selected from a group of other online courses with the aim of learning many Remote Sensing tools in a very short time.

Get an overview of Satellite Image Interpretation.

Download the sample dataset named “Erdas imagine remote sensing example data” to start exploring yourself!

With this remote sensing online course you will start your path in learning the ERDAS Imagine software.

Photographic interpretation is “the examination of photographic images to identify objects and assess their meaning” (Colwell, 1997). This mainly refers to its use in military aerial reconnaissance using photos from reconnaissance aircraft and satellites.

The principles of image interpretation have been empirically developed for over 150 years. The most basic are the elements of image interpretation: location, size, shape, shadow, tone / color, texture, pattern, height / depth and place / situation / association. They are used routinely in interpreting aerial photographs and analyzing photo-like images. An experienced image interpreter intuitively uses many of these elements. However, a beginner may need to not only consciously judge an unknown object based on these elements, but also analyze the meaning of each element in relation to the other objects and phenomena of the image.

Learning objectives during this course: