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Geo-ICT Training Center, The Nether;lands  - SitemapGeo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands is a training institute for geo-information. We work with professionals in other countries and we transfer our knowledge through courses, moocs and online support. In addition, we continuously hire Geo-ICT trainees who participate in our courses. The geo sector will need hundreds of new professionals in the coming years. On this Geo-ICT sitemap you can see at a glance the links to all pages of this site.

All Courses


Drone Survey Fundamentals


3D Printing, ArchiCAD Basics, ArchiCAD for Revit Specialists, AutoCAD 2D Advanced, AutoCAD 2D Basics, AutoCAD 2D Basixs (AutoDesk Certified), AutoCAD 2D Quick Start, AutoCAD 2D Update, AutoCAD 3D-Models, AutoCAD and InfraCad, AutoCAD Civil 3D Advanced, AutoCAD Civil 3D Basis, AutoCAD Civil 3D Survey, AutoCAD for MicroStation users, AutoCAD Infraworks Basis, AutoCAD MAP 3D Basis, BricsCAD Advanced, BricsCAD Basics, BricsCAD for AutoCAD specialists, BricsCAD for MicroStation specialists, BricsCAD Quick Start, MathCAD Basics, MicroStation 2D Advanced, MicroStation 2D Basics, MicroStation 2D Quick Start, MicroStation 3D Modeling, MicroStation Animations, MicroStation for AutoCAD users, MicroStation Management, MicroStation NLCS, MicroStation Rendering, MicroStation Update, MicroStation VBA Programming, PowerCivil Basic, Projectwise Use, Revit and Dynamo, Revit Architecture Advanced, Revit Architecture Basis, Revit Architecture Conceptual, Revit Architecture Continuation, Revit Architecture Design, Revit Architecture Family, Revit Architecture for contractors, Revit Architecture Tools, Revit for ArchiCAD users, Revit MEP Basic, SketchUp Advanced, SketchUp Basic


Civil Course


Construction course


Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Atlas.ti, Azure Cloud computing-platform basis, Copernicus Program, Data-analysis and GIS, Elastic search, Google Big Data Query GIS, Google Bigdata Query, Matlab Basics, MQL4 Programming, Power BI Desktop, Pyspark with apache, Python-Anaconda Dashboards, Python-Anaconda Datascience, Python-Anaconda Introduction, R GGPlot, R Programming, R Spatial, RabbitMQ, Redis, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, SAS Visual Statistics, SPSS Basic, STATA Basic, STATA Spatial


Enterprise Geodatabase in Oracle, Geodatabase Intro, Geodatabase Usage, MariaDB, MongoDB Spatial, MongoDB, Oracle Spatial Basis, Oracle SQL Fundamentals, PostGIS and PostgreSQL, SQL Basic

Desktop Publishing

Indesign Basics

Earth Observation

Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform Creodias, Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform Mundi, Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform Onda, Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform Sobloo, Intro Copernicus Cloud Platform Wekeo


Geo-ICT for Teachers, GIS for Geography teachers


ArcGIS and Python, ArcGIS Desktop Advanced, ArcGIS Desktop Basics, ArcGIS Desktop City Engine, ArcGIS Desktop Data Management, ArcGIS Desktop Data-Interoper, ArcGIS Desktop DataReviewer, ArcGIS Desktop KernGIS, ArcGIS Desktop ModelBuilder, ArcGIS Desktop Network Analyst, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro 2D Basics, ArcGIS Pro 3D Basics, ArcGIS Pro Advanced, ArcGIS Pro for ArcMAP users, ArcGIS Pro Quick Start, ArcGIS Storymaps, ArcGIS Workflow Management, Bentley Map Basis, Bentley Map Management, CST – Application Development, CST – Data Models, CST – Using Smallworld, CST- Foundation, FME Advanced, FME ArcGIS, FME Basics, FME Python, FME Smallworld GIS, GeoMedia Advanced, GeoMedia Basics, GIS course, Google Earth Engine, Google Maps, MapInfo Basics, Product Owner GIS, QGIS 3D visualization, QGIS Advanced, QGIS and GTOrbit, QGIS and Python, QGIS Basics, QGIS Configuration and Maintenance, QGIS Field, QGIS Intro, QGIS Landscapes, QGIS Models, QGIS Natuurmonumenten, Qlik Sense GeoAnalytics, Qlik Sense, SuperMap 2D Basic, SuperMap 3D Basic, TatukGIS Advanced, TatukGIS Basic


3D Geo-Information, 3D Scanoperator, BGT for Surveyors, CAD for Dimensioning, Cadastral boundary reconstruction, Collecting geo-data with land2map, Collecting geo-data with Leica Captivate, Collecting geo-data with Magnet Field, Course cadastre, Dimensioning Surveying, Geo-ICT, GPS Advanced, GPS Basics, Hydrography (CAT B certificate), INSPIRE introduction, Intro Building Information Model (BIM), Introduction to Hydrography, Introduction to Laserscanning, Land Surveying, Landsurveying And Geo-Information, LisCAD Basics, MOUS MCNext, MOUS MCStart, MOVE3D, Practical Laserscanning, Remote Sensing, Surveying spirit levels, Theodoliet Basic, Total Station Advanced, Total Station Basic, Collecting geo-data with Leica iCONstruct

National Basic Registrations

Basic Registration Adresses and Buildings (BAG), Basic Registration Large-scale Topography (BGT), Bouw Informatie Model (BIM)


C# Programming, C++ Programming, COBOL Basics, Delphi Programming, Docker and Kubernetes, Drones with Python, GDAL, GO Programming, Google Maps and Python, iBeacons Android, iBeacons iOS, Java Programming, Julia Programming, Learn to program with Python, PL/SQL Programming, PostgreSQL and Python, Python Advanced, Python and Arduino, Python and Bitmex, Python and Blockchains, Python and Datascience, Python and Dynamo, Python Basics, Python for beginning programmers, Python Geospatial, Python TKinter GUI programming, Rust Programming, Scrum Master GIS, SmallWorld and Magik, TatukGIS and Delphi, TMAP GIS


Cocon TheWeb, GeoApps, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, OpenLayers, StreetSmart, Web Angular, Web Django, WebGIS

All Online Support


Online Support AutoCAD for MicroStation users, Online Support AutoCAD, Online Support BricsCAD, Online Support GStarCAD, Online Support MicroStation for AutoCAD users, Online Support Revit Architecture


Online Support Install PostgreSQL in the Google Cloud, Online Support SQL


Online Support ArcGIS Desktop 10.x, Online Support ArcGIS Pro for ArcMap users, Online Support ArcGIS Pro, Online Support Copernicus Climate Change Service, Online Support Copernicus Earth Observation Browser, Online Support FME Desktop, Online Support QGIS


Online Support Quickstart in the geosector


Online Support GPS


Online Support FME-Python, Online Support Python Programming, Online Support R Programming

System administration

Online Support Begin with Docker


Basic registers

Basic register for Addresses and Buildings( BAG) – Part 1, Basic register for Addresses and Buildings( BAG) – Part 2, Basic register for Addresses and Buildings( BAG) – Test

Data Analysis

A Machine learning approach for Object Parameter Estimation and Discrimination Using Hyperspectral Data, Beginners Guide to Model Builder for Big Data Processing, ERDAS Imagine Fast Track Online Training Course, Geospatial Analysis for Urban Applications with GIS and a bit of Python, Hyperspectral image analysis and processing with ENVI software, Hyperspectral Imaging Application: Oil Spill Mapping, Hyperspectral thermal image unmixing, Introduction to LaTeX, Introduction to Maps in Folium and Python, Introduction to Maps in R Shiny and Leaflet, Machine Learning for predictive maps in Python and Leaflet, Overview of LiDAR; system variations, data interpretation & applications, Spatial Data Visualization and Machine Learning in Python, The ENVI image analysis software tutorial, The Network Based Method Spectral Unmixing Framework, Tutorial on CloudSigma online platform, Web Scraping and Mapping Dam Levels in Python


Learn the FOSS4g Stack: Spatial SQL with PostgreSQL/PostGIS

Earth Observation

Analysing Earth Observation Data Using Open Source Tools, Earth Observation and GIS to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ESA Sentinel Application Platform Tutorial, Glacier Mapping using Earth Observation Satellites, Google Earth Engine Training For Earth Observation (EO) Applications, Introduction to Remote Sensing, Learn hyperspectral remote sensing from scratch, Learn the basics of Remote Sensing in ArcGIS, Learn to classify Landsat 8 data in QGIS, Massive Earth Observation Data Processing with the Sentinel-Hub Platform, Multispectral Earth Observation Applications using ESA Sentinel Application Platform, Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing with the EOS Platform, Remote Sensing Applications using the Hellenic National Sentinel Data Mirror Site, VHDL for Beginners


Cartographic Design in QGIS, Course on using ArcGIS for hydrology, Environmental modelling and analysis in GIS, GIS-Based Landslide Susceptibility Modelling, Hyperspectral Image Classification with Orfeo Toolbox, Introduction to cloudeo’s geospatial solutions, Introduction to GeoServer, Introduction to geospatial data visualization, Introduction to UAV mapping, Learn the basics of ESRI ArcGIS 10.x, Learn the basics of QGIS, Learn the basics of QGIS platform, Learn the FOSS4g Stack: Enterprise GIS with PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Learn the FOSS4g Stack: Internet Mapping with Geoserver, Learn the FOSS4g Stack: QGIS 3 Desktop, Learn WebGIS and ArcPy, Location Allocation Model on facilities for urban planning with ArcGIS 10.x, Modeling the flow of a water surface, Orthomosaic map generation using Agisoft Metashape (Photoscan), Planning a Site Suitability Analysis for a New Wind Farm with ArcGIS 10.x, Spatial Data Analysis with ArcGIS Desktop


Bathymetry Basics for hydrographic surveyors, Geodesy Basics for hydrographic surveyors, GNSS Basics for hydrographic surveyors, Mathematics Basics for hydrographic surveyors, Physics Basics for hydrographic surveyors


Applied Programming and GIS Analysis Using ArcPy, Beginner course into Java concepts, Course on the basics of using Python in ArcGIS Pro, Digital Image Processing with OpenCV in Python, Learn the basics of Python and use it in ArcGIS, Learn the FOSS4g Stack: Python Geospatial, Python Geospatial Development, Python spatial analysis ArcGIS, Smart Map in Python Tutorial

All Books


AutoCAD 2021, Revit 2020


Gentle introduction to Stata, Programming with Matlab for scientists, Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti


Geographic Information Science and Systems, Getting to know ArcGIS Pro, Learn QGIS, Switching to ArcGIS Pro from ArcMAP


Fundamentals of Remote Sensing, Handboek Offshore Surveying, QGIS voor Landmeters en Weginspecteurs


Automate the boring stuff with python, Python Scripting voor ArcGIS Pro , QGIS Python Programming Cookbook, The Art of R Programming

All Blogs

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Blog: Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands exists 10 years

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Blog: Hydrography, land surveying at sea, who’s in?

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Blog: Big Sexy Geobusiness 10 years

Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands - Geo-ICT Sitemap

Location data can no longer be ignored from the primary and secondary systems of companies and government organizations. Location intelligence is merged with customer intelligence and business intelligence. The collection, storage and use of location data is slightly different from other data. A new ICT discipline has emerged that is rapidly maturing: Geo-ICT.

The geo sector in the Netherlands consists of a large group of organizations that collect, process, analyze and apply geo-information. With a number of satellites the entire globe is continuously scanned and photographed.

Our courses are also offered from Springest, Edubookers, StudyTube, CLS Trainingen. We are a member of Geobusiness Nederland and Geo-Informatie Nederland,