Workshop Surveying

The Workshop Survey and Geo- Information takes 1 day and costs € 295,-. This workshop Survey is fun and enlightening for people who get a lot with the acquisition of Geo- Information, but who do not have much substantive feeling about it. This can be in energy companies, municipalities, provinces, water boards, railways, Rijkswaterstaat, ministries or research institutes. In short: all organizations where the collection and retention of Geo-Information is of great importance.


The following topics will be discussed.

  • Spirit levels: Determining the height of a point relative to NAP by means of a continuous leveling.
  • Total Station: Measuring a piece of terrain with a Total Station. For this, a known point must first be drawn up. The points will be coded so that a drawing can be made later.
  • Measuring a piece of terrain with a GPS. The points will also be coded.

Learning objectives during this course:

  • Measuring data
  • Spirit levels in relation to NAP
  • Measuring with GPS

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