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Course: GeoMedia Advanced

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The GeoMedia Advanced course lasts 2 days and costs € 800. This course is intended for those with knowledge of GIS and GeoMedia and want to make optimal use of the many extra options that GeoMedia Professional offers from the supplier Hexagon. As input level, GeoMedia Basic knowledge is required.


During the GeoMedia Advanced course the student learns to create, manage and present (geographical) data and to present information with GeoMedia Professional in combination with different types of databases. In addition, the extra functions of GeoMedia Professional will be developed. Subjects covered in the course include:

  • Digitizing, placing and changing objects
  • Image registration
  • Use of dynamic vector and raster snaps
  • Available tools for digitizing and modifying data
  • Object-oriented data management
  • Compiling cards
  • Data export

Learning objectives of this course:

  • The student knows all the ins and outs of GeoMedia
  • Create and manage geodata
  • Working with dynamically changing data
  • Compiling cards

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