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GeoMedia Basics

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The GeoMedia Basic course lasts 3 days and costs € 1200. Hexagon is the supplier of GeoMedia. This training is especially suitable for future users who are not yet familiar with this package.


By performing practical assignments, the student learns the application possibilities of this Geographical Information System. Topics covered in this GeoMedia Basic course are:

  • specific terminology such as workspaces, warehouses and data servers
  • defining coordinate systems and map projections
  • thematic presentation and labeling
  • various types of GIS analyzes
  • making maps and reports
  • connect to (GIS) databases

Learning objectives of this course

After this course, the student is able to use GeoMedia independently in practice.
Learn specific terminology
Carrying out practice-oriented assignments
Connecting to (GIS) databases

After this course GeoMedia Advanced can be followed.

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