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Course: GO Programming

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This GO programming course lasts 3 days and costs € 1495. Go is an open source programming language designed to develop scalable, reliable and efficient software. The popularity and acceptance of Go continues
increase. Google uses Go specifically for its major server networks, and Go also supports a large part of Google's cloud platform. Go is used by developers in application development, web development. It is the language for Cloud Native infrastructures.

Geo-ICT Training Center,  The Netherlands - Course GO ProgrammingContent

The following topics are covered in the course:

  • Setting up a Go environment and creating a Go file
  • The data types and variables of Go.
  • Conditional conditions in Go.
  • Use of functions in Go.
  • Gopher It: Print ASCII artwork with Go.
  • Data types, flow control, methods and interfaces
  • Compile and debug
  • Various packages: fmt, io, bufio, json
  • Create packages from packages yourself
  • Go routines and channels
  • Error handling with defer, panic and recover

The GO syntax is simple and very accessible to newcomers. There are not many complex functions to learn. The language is easy to read. Its great similarities to C style languages ​​mean it will be an easy language to learn for programmers proficient in C ++ or C #.

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