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Course: Hydrography (CAT B certificate)

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Complete hydrography curriculum (with CAT B certificate) covering all the basic and essential competencies of the hydrographic surveyor, as defined by the FIG / IHO / ICA International Board of 'Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers (IBSC)' for a Category B course. The course was officially recognized as such on July 1, 2008 and was again recognized in accordance with hydrographic inspectors competence standards FIG / IHO / ICA S-5, edition 11.1.0, December 2014, in 2016.

When can I start?

You can enroll and start the e-learnings every month. Hydrography training starts in the spring and autumn. If you have already passed the e-learnings, you will follow 8 weeks of contact education in which you already follow many lessons on board a ship. After that you are ready to get into the high seas.


Working as a hydrograph is adventurous and you are away from home a lot. The price depends on your previous education (at least MBO (4)), on your work experience and on your motivation to enter this course. During the training you will also be looked at for internships and future employers. That also determines the price. The target price is: € 9,995,-excluding VAT.


This course is unique in the Netherlands and consists of a number of modules:

Module 1: Basic subjects

This E-Learning consists of the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Bathymetry, Geodesy, Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

Module 2: Security

According to ITE regulations, every participant must be able to work safely in an offshore environment. As a result, each participant has a valid STCW certificate Basic Safety Training or the Offshore Safety certificate. If a student can provide a copy of a valid certificate from any of these courses, he or she will be exempted. We recommend a BOSIET + OLF Supplement (Universal Basic Survival) certificate because this benefits the student in his / her future working environment.

Module 3: Nautical Knowledge

The first 4 week Nautical Course covers all the basic competences of the Hydrographic Surveyor as defined by the IHO Hydrographic Surveyor "Category B" Standards. Basic subjects are: Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Nautical Sciences and Information and Communication Technology.

Module 4: Practical Project

The course includes an Educational Survey Project in which students learn to collaborate and plan, execute and process a survey project. Essential topics: bathymetry, water levels and flow, positioning, hydrographic exercises, hydrographic data management, environmental sciences and legal aspects.

Module 5: Field Training Project

After completion of the theoretical part, the student receives a Certificate of Education with the research results. Subsequently, the student will gain at least 4 weeks of practical experience outside the traditional classroom setting in a fully supervised Field Training Project (FTP). In the FTP, the student will prove his / her ability in practice. He must perform the duties prescribed by the International Advisory Board of FIG / IMA / ICA on Competency Standards for Hydrographic Surveyors for a Category B Course.

Module 6: Work experience

After successful completion of the FTP, the student can join a maximum 3-year practical experience track. In this process, competence is assessed in a controlled working environment. Work experience must be gained of a total of 365 as recorded in a task book. After a successful completion of Field Experience, the student is awarded the FIG / IHO / ICA certificate of professional competence.

Learning objectives of this course

  • You learn to work safely
  • You will become familiar with the basic competences of the hydrographic surveyor
  • You learn to carry out a practical assignment
    After successfully completing this hydrography course, the student is a CAT B certified surveyor. This certificate is recognized worldwide.