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MOOC: Hyperspectral image analysis and processing with ENVI® software

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Conquer the hyperspectral image analysis domain

Start learning hyperspectral image processing using the ENVI software. You won’t regret it!

ENVI (an acronym for "ENvironment for Visualizing Images") is a software application used to process and analyze geospatial imagery. It is commonly used by remote sensing professionals and image analysts. ENVI bundles together a number of scientific algorithms for image processing a lot of which are contained in automated, wizard-based approach that walks users through complex tasks. This remote sensing online course is ideal to learn how to process hyperspectral images with the ENVI software!

What will you learn?

  • View and Extract spectra from hyperspectral datasets
  • Atmospherically Correct images
  • Agricultural stress calculation
  • Discriminate Mineralogy
  • Vegetation indexes calculation
  • Fire fuel and forest health estimation
Hyperspectral image analysis and processing with ENVI software