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MOOC: Hyperspectral image classification with Orfeo Toolbox


Orfeo Toolbox is an open-source software for remote sensing image processing. The project was initiated by the French space agency in 2006 and is under heavy development. The software is released under a free licence; a number of contributors outside CNES are taking part in development and integrating into other projects. Key characteristic of ORFEO Toolbox, beside being open-source, is the fact that is one of the fastest remote sensing software available. It’s code is very well optimized and you can process big amount of data very fast. It’s short learning curve makes it ideal for starters, while it’s API and executables structure makes it ideal to experienced users also.

This course is a simple, but to the point quick tutorial on how to use some basic features of ORFEO Toolbox in order to perform hyperspectral image classification, and in general classification of remote sensing images. The aim of this course is provide you with quick steps on how to use the ORFEO Toolbox to perform a classification process.

All Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) algorithms can be accessed via Monteverdi, QGIS, Python, the command line or C ++. Monteverdi is an easy-to-use visualization tool with an emphasis on hardware accelerated rendering for high-resolution images. It allows end users to visualize massive raw image products and access all applications in the toolbox. OTB is available on Linux, macOS and Windows. It is community-driven, extensible and extensively documented. Orfeo ToolBox is not a black box, especially after this course.