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MOOC: Hyperspectral Imaging Application: Oil Spill Mapping

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How to map oil spills from Space?

A big challenge to overcome using hyperspectral technology. Enrol to learn how to use Earth Observation to preserve the marine ecosystem from such threats.

This textbook remote sensing online course will guide you to learn how to use hyperspectral and multispectral remote sensing images to:

  1. Map the extent of an oil spill event
  2. Identify the type of oil spilled
  3. Estimate the thickness of the oil spill in order to measure spilled oil volume

To accomplish these, two methodologies are presented presented based on satellite earth observation images. Also experiments using ground spectral measurements are used in order to build a Spectral Library and develop a model for thickness estimation.

This textbook course is ideal for students and professionals either in the EO&GIS domain or in the environmental monitoring domain.

What will you learn?

  • Hyperspectral oil spill mapping
  • Relative Radiometric Normalization
  • Oil spill type identification with hyperspectral data
  • Spectral Unmixing
  • Oil spill thickness estimation
  • Spectral Libraries building and updating
Hyperspectral Imaging Application Oil Spill Mapping