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MOOC: Introduction to LaTeX


Step-by-step video tutorial starting from scratch and progressing quickly. Familiarise yourself with the most important features of LaTeX.

LaTeX is a high-quality document preparation system and it is available as a free software. It is commonly used for writing, editing and designing scientific documents, technical reports, PhD thesis and books of broad audience. It is very efficient in terms of managing references to multiple sections, figures, tables and equations and for that reason, it has been widely used in science and education.

GEO University aims to offer a series of LaTeX courses, which will include step-by-step tutorials.

This is the first course on LaTex and it will equip you with the appropriate skills to efficiently write reports on LaTeX with images, contents, tables and more.  You may download the pdf file that we will create together step-by-step during this course. Enroll to the trial and download the pdf file!

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to download the source code of the document created.

Learning objectives during this course: