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MOOC: Learn hyperspectral remote sensing from scratch


There are numerous Earth observation satellites orbiting the Earth and producing enormous amounts of data. Data to be processed, analyzed and valuable information to be extracted. This online hyperspectral remote sensing course is recommended for anyone who wants to work with hyperspectral data and images.

Earth observation satellites or Remote Sensing satellites contain payloads (sensors) that share or capture the entire globe at different wavelengths (spectral bands). The focus of the course is on hyperspectral optical remote sensing.

This course will help you understand the main concepts of hyperspectral images and how to place them in your daily work. After a quick introduction to remote sensing and hyperspectral imaging, we move on to the different applications that use hyperspectral data. At the core of the course, you will become familiar with the main processing concepts and techniques applied to hyperspectral data. Four main processing workflows are analyzed:

In each of these series of lectures, enrolled students are provided with extensive written documentation to further study the presented concepts and methods.

Learning objectives during this course: