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MOOC: Learn the FOSS4g Stack: Python Geospatial

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Do you need to learn Python Geospatial? If you are in the field of GIS, you're probably hearing everyone talking about Python, whether it's Arcpy in ArcGIS or special Python packages for doing things like geocoding. In this course I am going to show you how to write Python code to perform spatial analysis. The course isn't so much about learning Python, but rather how to integrate different spatial libraries within your Python code. Using the course videos, you will work alongside of me to learn how I go about cobbling together Python code and various packages to solve spatial problems. I'll provide you with all the data that I demonstrate in the course. Of course, we'll have a brief overview of Python. But after the brief refresher, we will dive into using Python with Open Source GIS and commercial GIS software. Most courses only go over a single GIS program's use of Python. But in this class, you'll get exposed to all kinds of different GIS software products, and learn how to tie them all together with Python.

What will you learn?

  • How to write basic Python scripts
  • How to use Arcpy, and integrate ArcGIS with FOSS4g
  • How to integrate Python packages that have GIS functionality
  • How to integrate SQL, PostGIS, and SpatiaLite

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