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Course: MathCAD Basics

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The MathCAD Basic course lasts 3 days and costs € 1295.

Group discount: If you register several students for this course, a discount of 25% on the 2nd student, 50% on the 3rd student and 75% on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th student.

Many engineers use MathCAD to perform, document and share calculations. The unique MathCAD whiteboard interface integrates standard math notation, text, graphics and graphs into one document. MathCAD is ideal for capturing knowledge, reusing calculations and collaboration.


To optimally use MathCAD in the design process, we offer a MathCAD Basic course. MathCAD strives for a high ease of use and tries to make working with complex applications such as plotting as easy as possible. The screen layout for MathCAD is similar to that of a word processor. MathCAD works with a graphical interface with buttons and toolbars, behind which basic functions such as plotting or managing the data sets are hidden. MathCAD uses a worksheet in which text can be placed. Equations and expressions can also be displayed graphically. The basic course covers the following topics:

  • Solving differential equations on multiple numerical methods
  • Plotting functions in two or three dimensions
  • Use of the Greek alphabet (uppercase and lowercase) for both text and equations
  • Working with subprograms
  • Symbolic comparisons
  • Vector and matrix operations
  • Find the zeros of functions and write the zeros of polynomials in roots
  • Statistical functions and probability distributions
  • Find eigenvalues ​​and eigenvectors
  • Calculations with units bound to quantities

Learning objectives during this course:

  • Learn to work with MathCAD
  • Being able to perform calculations with MathCAD
  • Can plot with MathCAD