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Course: MicroStation Animations

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The MicroStation Animations course lasts 1 day and costs € 595. Animating with MicroStation is extremely interesting for architects, engineers and CAD operators involved in creating 3D designs. In this course you will learn the basics. MicroStation 3D Modeling is required as prior knowledge.


With this course Microstation Animations you make a good start. You will be handed the English book "Rendering with MicroStation" and immediately start with the exercises. The book becomes your property after the course. Among other things, it is examined how geometry can be modeled. In addition, we look at how paths and cameras can be set. In addition, the following issues are examined:

  • Creation of key frames
  • Hierachy of the actors
  • Acceleration
  • Displacement and speed
  • Movement
  • Kinematics
  • Momentun

Learning objectives during this course:

Can work with 3D functions within microstation

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