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MOOC: Multispectral earth observation applications using ESA Sentinel Application Platform

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During this course you will learn how to process ESA's COPERNICUS Sentinel-2 data using SNAP software. The objective of the course is to make the student capable of creating optical-based multispectral Earth Observation Applications using the ESA Sentinel application platform. To be more precise:

  1. Vegetation Mapping
  2. Burn Area Mapping
  3. Chlorophyll Mapping
  4. Supervised Land Cover Classification

are the main applications examined. The Graph Builder module is used extensively during the course in order to create workflows. Example XML workflow files are provided within the course to better help students practice at their own computers! Example Sentinel-2 images are also included in the course, so you can test the contents of course presented directly to your computer! By the end of the course can claim your blockchain based digital certificate to better prove your skills! Best part? It come with price of the course, no hidden costs. Just enroll to the course, successfully finish all lessons in the course, and claim you certificate.

This remote sensing online course is what you need to learn how to process Sentinel 2 satellite images!

What will you learn?:

  • Sentinel-2 preprocessing to start building any Earth Observation application
  • Vegetation mapping with Sentinel-2
  • Chlorophyll mapping with Sentinel-2 coastal images
  • Atmospherically correct Sentinel-2 images
  • Burn area mapping using bi-temporal Sentinel-2 images
  • Supervised (Land cover) classification of Sentinel-2 images

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