Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands

200 courses, 20 online supports,

60 moocs, 30 trainees

Online Geo-ICT Supports, Fast 1 on 1 online help from specialist, no cure - no pay

What are Online Geo-ICT Supports?

In your work you use various CAD / GIS / Geodesy / programming tools. You may have already followed a basic course, but now you are encountering problems in practice. Our experienced teachers / specialists will help you for a day. And they do this remotely via the internet. We schedule a day in consultation with you by email.

What do you need to do beforehand?  What do you need?

  • A laptop or PC on which you can do simple installations yourself.
  • Your laptop’s microphone and webcam work.
  • Sometimes you might have to update the drivers.
  • The laptop has internet access.
  • The teacher will contact you one day before the first day of class, to check if everything is working.
  • You will receive the teacher’s mobile phone number, so you can always ask him questions via whatsapp.

What does a day of support looks like?

  • The teacher will email you a link at 8:45 AM.
  • Click on that link at 9 AM. Then you enter our online lesson environment.
  • It will immediately become clear that you are in the correct environment.
    The teacher welcomes you.
  • You can see and hear the teacher and the teacher can see and hear you.
    The teacher can share his screen with you and you can share your screen with the teacher.
  • The teacher gives presentations and explains things.
  • If necessary, the teacher will also explain how to install certain software.
  • You do exercises and you can ask the teacher questions.
  • There will be a break from 12 to 1 PM.
  • The course day ends at 4 PM.
  • At the end of the day, you have taken significant steps forward through the help of our specialist.
  • If necessary, the teacher will figure out something for you.
  • For this day a contingent fee applies (no cure – no pay).
  • Geo-ICT Training Center, Nederland, Online Geo-ICT SupportsGeo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands is a training institute for geo-information.
  • In this course catalog you will find more than 20 special and specific online Geo-ICT support options.
  • An experienced specialist will support you quickly and effectively in problems on which you got stuck. 
  • This is on a contingent fee basis.