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Online Support ArcGIS Desktop 10.x

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Online Support ArcGIS Desktop 10.x in 1 day for € 595,-. This day is intended for people who already have some knowledge of ArcGIS, but now face a number of questions in practice. Our ArcGIS specialist will help you with these questions.
Like QGIS, ArcGIS is a tool used by organizations to create, manage, share and analyse spatial data. It consists of server components, mobile and desktop applications and development tools. This package can also be deployed in the cloud (Amazon, Azure). The following topics can be discussed:

  • Basic skills (consult, analyse, mutate)
  • ArcGIS configuration and management (project templates, printer templates, user settings, updating the software)
  • Reading data, Format data, Query data
  • Make selections, Spatial selection
  • National geo-register
  • Find PDOK and Map Services
  • Complex GIS Analysis
  • Geo-ICT Training Center, Nederland offers Courses, Online Support and E-Learnings concerning ArcGISGeocoding
  • Buffering
  • Spatial processing
  • Spatial counting
  • ArcGIS Desktop Model
  • Programming ArcPy in ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS 3D visualization
  • ArcGIS Online

The student may also bring in his / her own subjects and questions.
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Online Support ArGIS Desktop 10.x

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