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Online Support Begin with Docker

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Online Support Begin with Docker takes 1 day from 9.00 tot 16.00 hour and costs  €595,-.

Geo-ICT Trainees bij Geo-ICT Training Center, Nederland - Kubernetes - Docker

The basic principles of container applications are discussed in 1 day. The online support is intended for system administrators and application administrators who want to know what Docker can do for their organization.

Container based applications are increasingly used in practice. But what exactly is a container, an image and how does Docker work? This online support provides an ideal introduction to the possibilities of Docker and its implementation within your own organization. You will learn about the creation of Docker and container applications, after which you will carry out containers and images with tooling on your own computer.

The following topics will be discussed during this support day:

  • The emergence of container applications and Docker
  • The Docker ecosystem
  • Installation of Docker
  • Images
  • Docker's limits

After this support day you will be able to describe the concepts of Docker and explain the difference with traditional virtualization. Docker's pitfalls are known to help you avoid them. You can install the correct version of Docker for your environment and use images from the Docker Hub. If you then want to take a deeper look with Docker and learn how to orchestrate containers, we recommend that you follow our three-day Docker and Kubernetes course

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