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Online Support: Copernicus Climate Change Service

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Online Support Copernicus Climate Change Service lasts 1 day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and costs € 595,-.

C3S is part of the Copernicus program of the European Commission and provides information about the past and future of the climate in Europe and the rest of the world. C3S data offers free and open access to climate data and tools.

C3S's climate data is used by scientists, consultants, spatial planning employees, the media and policy makers.

During this support day, our teacher / specialist will help you to understand the platform, so that after this day you will have knowledge about:

The position of the Climate Change Service within the Copernicus program
Querying / visualizing data using the C3S climate and energy education tool.
Downloading data from the Climate Data Store.
Some practical examples with data from C3S.
The use of C3S data in a GIS.

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