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Online Support FME Desktop

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Online Support FME Desktop in 1 day for € 595,-. The participant is already able to do something with FME, but is now encountering certain problems in practice. For example, the participant wants to do a complex conversion, but it is not entirely clear. Then it is very useful to spend one day with an FME specialist / teacher.

FME from supplier Safe is an intelligent translator of spatial data and does not stop at a simple conversion from one GIS or CAD format to another. Complex conversions can be performed via the FME transformers and the definition of rules. The following topics can be covered in this online support:

  • Online Support FME DesktopSetting up WorkSpaces
  • Load data formats
  • Inspect data
  • Perform conversions
  • Working with readers and writers Working with transformers
  • The participant can also submit subjects himself

A trial can be downloaded from the supplier SAFE. You may also be interested in the FME Desktop Basis and FME Desktop Gevorderd contact lessons.

FME Desktop is an ETL tool that is widely used in the geo sector. Extraction, Transformation and Load, or ETL for short, is a concept from computer science. It identifies the processes used to unify data from different structured databases into another database, usually a data warehouse.

Online Support FME Desktop​

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