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Online Support MicroStation for AutoCAD users

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Online Support MicroStation for AutoCAD users in 1 day for € 595,-. The participant already knows AutoCAD well, but is now dealing with MicroStation. Now he runs into certain ambiguities and problems. It is very interesting for them to spend a day with an experienced teacher who knows both MicroStation and AutoCAD.

AutoCAD for MicroStation users

The following topics are discussed:

  • MicroStation terminology versus AutoCAD
  • Which functions are fundamentally different?
  • What functions does MicroStation have, and AutoCAD does not, and vice versa
  • What are the possibilities of exchange?
  • Being able to translate from AutoCAD to MicroStation
  • Know differences
  • Exchange opportunities
  • The student may also bring in his / her own subjects and questions

You may also be interested in one of our MicroStation courses that we give monthly in contact lessons or online, such as: MicroStation 2D Basis, MicroStation 3D Modeling and MicroStation voor AutoCAD kenners.

In the field of computer-aided design (CAD), MicroStation and AutoCAD are two of the most important packages. AutoCAD is a package from the supplier AutoDesk and they also provide a trial. MicroStation is a package from supplier Bentley.

In addition, the cheaper but almost equally advanced packages BrisCAD and GStarCAD are increasingly used.

Online Support MicroStation voor AutoCAD kenners​

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