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Online Support QGIS

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Online Support QGIS in 1 day for € 595,-. This day is intended for people who already have some knowledge of QGIS but are now facing a number of questions in practice. Our QGIS specialist will help you with these questions. The following topics can be discussed:

  • Basic skills (consult, analyse, mutate)
  • QGIS configuration and management (project templates, printer templates, user settings, updating the software via the shell and the possibilities of geopackages as a standalone database)
  • Reading data, Format data, Query data.
  • Make selections, Spatial selection
  • National geo-register
  • Geo-ICT Training Center, Nederland: QGIS courses, QGIS Moocs and Online QGIS SupportFind PDOK and Map Services
  • Complex GIS Analysis
  • Geocoding
  • Buffering
  • Spatial processing
  • Spatial counting
  • QGIS Models
  • QGIS Python Scripting
  • QGIS 3D visualization
  • QGIS Fields
  • QGIS Web

QGIS is a powerful desktop GIS solution with no licensing costs. You may also be interested in one of our following courses: QGIS Basis, QGIS and Python, QGIS Models. Or in the MOOCS: Learn the basics of QGIS, Learn the FOSS4g Stack: QGIS 3 Desktop

Online Support QGIS

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